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    Welcome to LINK Product Development… let’s create something outstanding!

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    Delightfully located in Denver, Colorado, USA.

About Us

Get to know us...

LINK nurtures innovation in product development. From concept to production, we feel it is necessary that the design process is a stimulating series of events, promoting fresh thought and breakthrough solutions. LINK helps everyone from individual inventors to large companies install comprehensive product development strategies and avoid common pitfalls that make many a new product just a statistic.

We believe in producing the best work possible across all categories and services. And, just as importantly, we are good people to work with. At LINK, our goals are always award winning designs, and we strive to be a part of products which help better the environment and humanity.

LINK is an Experienced Product and Innovation Development Partner.

At LINK, we integrate into your business and co-develop effective product roadmaps, innovative new product ideas, and streamlined product development plans. LINK was founded by a group of innovators, product development professionals, industry leaders, and talented designers and engineers. We are located on the front range of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.

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Have a look thru the projects we have been proud to be a part of. LINK has experience over a diverse range of products, and we feel that gives us a competitive edge over other firms. Borrowing design and engineering solutions from different industries also makes for a better end product for you.
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With decades of product development experience, we can help your ideas come alive...

  • New Product Development Planning

    – Getting Started
    – Innovation Consulting
    – Market Research
    – IP / Patent Strategy

  • Ideation

    – Brainstorming
    – Industrial Design
    – Product Specifications
    – Risk Analysis

  • Prototype / Concept Development

    – Prototyping, Model Making
    – Conceptual Engineering
    – Feasibility Studies

  • Market Screening & Business Analysis

    – Storyboarding
    – Focus Groups
    – Budgeting & Capital Requirements
    – Cost Estimating

  • Development

    – Mechanical Engineering
    – Electrical Engineering
    – Design & Analysis
    – Sustainability

  • Commercialization

    – Design for Manufacturability
    – Manufacturing Sourcing
    – Production Support
    – Domestic Manufacturing

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